Apps for NEET 2024 Exam Preparation: An all-India pre-medical entrance exam for students is called the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Undergraduate), or NEET (UG). The exam is for students who want to study for primary medical degrees abroad as well as those who want to study for undergraduate degrees in medicine, dentistry, and AYUSH (BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, etc.) in India (MBBS, BDS, etc.).

The younger generation can use apps to ease their learning process because we are in the midst of a technology revolution and the digital age is sweeping the globe. Here are some of the top mobile applications for NEET training.

How do NEET test preparation apps help with study?

When they offered top-notch educational facilities, several locations once held the distinction of being the nation’s education hubs. In smaller towns and cities NEET hopefuls had to go to these hubs to pursue their exam preparation. But the gradual rise of NEET preparation apps has made their jobs easier.

These NEET preparation apps serve as a link between students and teachers and replicate classroom instruction in a digital environment. The main benefit of these NEET preparation applications is that they enable students to learn at any time, anywhere, simply by swiping their fingers across their laptop or smartphone.


The leading free educational Android app is called Physics Wallah. Students who are preparing for the IIT JEE and NEET exams should use this app. Students can use this app to get study materials for the Class 10, Class 11, Class 12, and IIT JEE/NEET Exams. Students can access the Physics, Biology, and Chemistry video lectures via this app. On this app, all study materials are available for free. The application must be downloaded by students from the Google Play Store and installed using their mobile numbers. Students can use the APP for live tests and exam preparation after installation. All educational and study materials, including Physics Wallah Notes, are totally free to use when you apply. 

Features of the PW app

After downloading the app, the student must log in by selecting the login button and entering a working mobile number for registration. You may learn more about this app once the login procedure is complete.

Practice Exams

To better prepare for competitive exams, students can use the Physics Wallah App to take a range of practice exams. There is available subject- and class-based practice examinations.

Live Classes: 

Through video lectures, students can also participate in live NEET classes.

Application Proposal: 

Students must pay money in order to obtain test series and study materials in order to better prepare for exams. Additionally, referring friends will earn students points. The content can then be unlocked using these points. Candidates can use their referral points to redeem the incentive.


After successfully registering oneself, users can use the online courses offered by the SWAYAM platform. On Android-powered devices, you can also download and use an app. For a modest cost, candidates can also take exams with a proctor. The Indian government has introduced this online service for the uninitiated.

Access, equity, and quality are the three guiding principles of education policy, and the Ministry of HRD has launched a significant, brand-new project called SWAYAM to achieve these goals. The most disadvantaged people can access the best online e-learning instructional resources thanks to SWAYAM. It aims to close the digital divide for students who, up until now, have not experienced the digital revolution and are therefore unable to participate fully in the information economy. 

SWAYAM offers a centralised platform and portal for online education using information and communication technology, serving students in all subject areas from classes 9 through 12 as well as undergrads and postgrads. Currently, SWAYAM hosts more than 2,000 MOOCs around the country that have been created by carefully selected academics and instructors. The interactive classes are offered to learners without charge.


One of the well-known online learning resources for NEET-UG preparation is Basidia Learning. According to reports, the platform has a high success rate for exam questions given and aids students in guaranteeing superior preparation for medical aspirants. The programme allows students to practice tens of thousands of MCQs and complete mock exams. Additional options include smart revision and video classes.

A rapidly expanding brand name among NEET hopefuls is Basidia Learning. 165 of the 180 questions in NEET 2020 were taken directly from their exam series, demonstrating their highest strike rate and originality.

They are the only app that has a revision scheduler, giving students the ability to plan their revisions after each test according to their schedule. Their full-length mock examinations feature analytics and rank prediction for all of India. Detailed information and plenty of practice MCQs for all themes.

Another innovative feature called Keys, where the high yield points from each chapter are compiled and ranked in order of importance, enabling users to quickly review, was a commendable idea from them. Basidia distinguished itself from other educational apps thanks to these special characteristics.

Additionally, they provide a big selection of video lessons from knowledgeable professors (600+ hours), and interactive live sessions, and ultimately, all of these features are reasonably priced. I was very impressed by all of these features. In addition to all these noteworthy features, the doubt-solving portion and the lack of customised tests are two areas that may be enhanced. In the future, they’ll add dark mode and flashcard options.


Both Android and iOS smartphones can download the Darwin app. According to the app, it provides over 30 years’ worth of solved medical admission exams. The software includes a large database of MCQs along with daily practice exams and mock tests. Subscribers can regularly attempt daily mock tests from their app.

In addition to the mock test, they offer revision guides so that subscribers can thoroughly practice and learn from their errors. Each question has a thorough explanation, which aids the students in understanding the ideas. They stand out from rivals since they have more than 30 years’ worth of NEET-solved papers.


Both Android and iOS smartphones can be used with the Aakash App now. According to rumors, the Aakash App was created to meet the specific learning requirements of those getting ready for competitive exams like NEET. Users can receive instruction from some of India’s best teachers in offline classrooms at the local Aakash Center in their city or through LIVE online NEET classes.

The Aakash Institute’s renowned high-quality training and direction are brought to the screens of laptops and smartphones by the NEET preparation app, Aakash iTutor. The Aakash Institute and the app it launched are both associated with achievement in tests like NEET.

The NEET applicants trust Aakash iTutor in the world of fierce competition, where the digital platform is buzzing with learning and preparation apps. The NEET preparation app provides the same learning environment as Aakash Institute’s traditional brick-and-mortar classes. The platform provides everything, including eBooks, mock tests, and video lectures, among other things.


The face of education has changed as a result of technology. Today’s students are not constrained by obstacles to straightforward learning. Digitization has made room for a number of cutting-edge methods, including learning apps. These learning apps cover a wide variety, from those for improving personality to those for IIT and NEET preparation, and provide various JEE and NEET courses online. The way we view books has altered as a result of these study apps.

The students no longer really need to trawl around bookstores and libraries looking for printed materials and manuscripts. On their laptops and mobile devices, they have access to all of them. With only one click, anything from gazettes from 100 years ago to documents from 800 years ago can be accessible. Additionally, students get access to formal education study materials for a particular course.


Q.1 Are these NEET preparation applications capable of satisfyingly responding to students’ questions?

Ans: The specialists that manage these NEET preparation applications are on hand around-the-clock to answer users’ questions as they come up. These apps respond to their inquiries with pertinent information.

Q.2 How do these NEET-preparing apps differ from books in terms of improving understanding?

Ans: Since visual learning facilitates greater understanding and these NEET preparation apps are portable, they are useful for studying.

Q.3 Can we rely on these NEET preparation apps?

Ans: Well, these NEET preparation apps can only be trusted if the student can maintain consistency in their academic work.

Q.4 How do these NEET prep applications help us stay on top of our studying?

Ans: These NEET preparation apps were created to make learning quick and efficient. They are pretty dependable and help your practice because they were created after extensive investigation.

Q.5 How can students benefit from these NEET preparation apps?

Ans: These NEET preparation applications make it simple for students to learn and remember the material. These apps deliver all the necessary information in an appropriate manner, making it simpler for pupils to study.

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